Tucson - Oxnard - Tucson

I recently took my first real motorcycle trip in years.
It was an Air Force-paid trip on which I was able to hit some California motorcycle spots.

gear.jpg (79765 bytes)


This is me geared and mounted up for the ride.

gear_depart.jpg (78323 bytes)

Actually didn't depart Tucson until after brunch with the family.
P1010017.JPG (202960 bytes)


The first day was nothing but superslab, but the second day was great.  Departing El Centro, I left I-9 at Ocotillo on S2, scraped a peg on the Banner Grade (a first on the ST), stopped in Julian, and proceeded on to Palomar Mtn.

Next photo op was the Ortega Hwy.

After mucho lane splitting
(novel to a non-Californian)
it was on to...

necombs_ranch_inn.jpg (62589 bytes)

My return trip included a relaxing jaunt along the Angeles Crest Highway.
Friday morning avoids the sport bike fanatics known to clog it on weekends.

Newcomb's Ranch Inn serves a good wrap for lunch.  And the help is easy on the eyes.


Shortly after leaving Newcomb's,
I rounded a curve to find three Big Horn Rams along the roadside.

They seemed unbothered by my wishes to hang out and shoot some photos.


Last updated: August 28, 2003.