Kona came to us in May 2009 at almost 2 years old.  She's quite a pup!
Cassidy is soldiering on without Maverick.
Escapé is our latest addition to the family.  Becca brought her home from school as they're studying/raising them in her classroom.
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4 weeks
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3 months

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June 2001

November 2005
Maverick is a good story:
Nichole called on a newspaper add in December 1994, shortly after we were married.  It's important to know that we had our wedding at Rancho Quieto, about 15 miles west of Tucson in the middle of nowhere.  Maverick and his siblings were born on our wedding day, not more than 2 miles from Rancho Quieto.  If ever destiny meant for something to happen, it was Maverick.
He came home to us the same day we moved into our house.  Nikki's spent hour (& hours...) training him.  He's a pretty good dog, but he is Maverick 8-).

Cassidy was a more calculated, less emotional decision.
We'd read enough about children and dogs to believe we wanted a companion for Maverick before any children were born into our home.  Again, destiny may have played a part, as Nikki found out she was pregnant just weeks after Cassidy came home.