April 2011 - Mount Lemmon
Had some fun with the kids


October 2010 - Camp Navajo
Didn't fill my tag, but enjoyed getting out in the field
(the photo above links to many more)


Fall 2004
More lack of animal pix....blanked again.
Above is a pic in the Sierritas Mtns southwest of Tucson.
Below are two taken west of Flagstaff.


Fall 2000
Notice the lack of animal pix--yep, no luck.
But the snow sure was pretty. 8<)


September 1999
(life is good sometimes!)

2elk.jpg (96699 bytes) 3elk.jpg (70129 bytes) 1elk.jpg (96832 bytes)

And the result...
(including lots of great burgers!)

Took this broadhead out of his chest cavity.
That's my .270....
it was just under his hide on the far side.
oldbroadhead600.jpg (74154 bytes)



Updated:  April 06, 2011