July 2007 I replaced the OEM bulbs with H4/9003 automotive bulbs and installed a Comagination modulator.

Let's compare the stock Honda headlight bulb to the H4/9003 automotive bulb.

Stock Honda bulb.

Stock Honda bulb with adapter ring.
The ring won't seat flush because two small vertical tangs don't fit within the notch on the ring.

Stock Honda bulb with adapter ring.
Notice the three tangs match, illustrating how the ring will imitate the OEM bulb.

H4/9003 automotive bulb.

H4/9003 with ring installed.
This illustrates the stock tangs need removed.


H4/9003 with tangs cut off.

H4/9003 with tangs cut off
and adapter ring installed.

Here's where I decided to put the light sensor for the modulator.

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