The front wheel bearings (well, the right side anyway) were "toast".

The wheel bearing tool kit maintained by John Oosterhuis makes removing and installing them a breeze.
For more info on the tool kits, look up John at under the Special Tools and Toolkits forum.
FYI, is restricted to members, but all are welcome...just check Welcome to ST-Riders for info on joining.

Thanks to Jeff Bertrand, STOC 025, and Jack Stansbury, STOC 607, for their assistance.

The trouble was quite clear after we removed the seal.

As the right front bearing was severely damaged, we attempted to cut it out out with a Dremel.

We did manage to cut a big notch out of it, but Jack had a unique method of getting purchase on and driving out the race.

Here are the parts from the front.

All the removed parts.

The rear bearings don't look bad...but how could I tell?

Don't forget the Moly 60 every time you reinstall the rear wheel!

This is what the ST1100 looks like with both wheels off.

Here you can see the distance collar after I notched it.  That should make bearing removal a bit easier in case the toolkit isn't available next time.

Also, it appears to have some tool marks on it...suggesting those front bearings had been previously replaced.


While at it, I replaced the damaged (decal hides it somewhat) front fender.


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