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Road Tunes
(Excel spreadsheet)

Jeff's new Staintune exhaust
sound file

ST1100 Valve Adjustment
Shim Calculator

Wiring Diagrams

Sears topcase

Custom tankbag foam

Old and new Zumo mounts


Wheel bearing replacement
FZ-1 Fuzeblock (fuseblock)

Dead ST1100


Electrics Woes

Maintenance 2007

An H4 bulb adapter installed on a modified automotive H4/9003 bulb.
I installed the Comagination modulator at the same time.
Modulator light sensor location is included.
Oh, and I stuck this on the other day:
sideview_cafecombo.jpg (72577 bytes)
See my Laminar Cafe Combo
compared to the stocker.

Police Switch
Decal Bracket

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Last updated: June 17, 2010